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Up in Smoke (1978)

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

The last gasp of '70s-style "drug humor." See, in '78, shit like eating too much acid and smoking a joint the size of Bob Marley's arm was fucking hilarious, man. OK, maybe it still is, but it's different now. Cheech and Chong drive around town in a van that's made out of weed, and everybody gets fucking wasted. Forget Titus or Richard III--this is Stacy Keach's finest hour, playing the slowly metamorphosing narc, Sgt. Stedenko. Strother Martin similarly reaches a career peak as Arnold Stoner ("If you don't get a goddamn job, I'm sending you to military school like the Finklestein shit kid!"), and June Fairchild is the Ajax Lady, the greatest single cinematic argument for avoiding la cocaina. If you're watching this movie in Alaska or the Netherlands or someplace like that, you should probably smoke a lot of "the kind" to get in the proper mood.

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