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The Cube (1997)

By Lee Gardner | Posted

A man wakes up inside a mysterious high-tech square with no idea how he arrived or why he's there. Within minutes, he has been killed in a fashion so spectacularly grotesque that it's likely to boggle even the most jaded filmgoer--and that's just first-time feature director Vincenzo Natali getting your attention. The rest of Cube follows a small assortment of equally clueless characters (a cop, an office drone, a college student, etc.) who find themselves trapped inside a maze of the same interlocking cubes, many of them fiendishly booby-trapped (you don't wanna know). Why, and for how long? No one can say. Hellish, yes, but as they and the viewer are soon are reminded, hell is other people. This Canadian sleeper suffers less from an excess of gore than from an excess of allegory--Cube is one of those sci-fi movies in which every character Represents Something and the script (written by André Bijelic, Graeme Manson, and Natali) consists mainly of overheated debating-society dramatics. The no-name Canadian cast does a decent job, but not quite decent enough to transcend cinematic lab-rat status. Still, Cube

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