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The Killer Elite (1975)

The Killer Elite

Director:Sam Peckinpah
Cast:James Caan, Robert Duvall, Arthur Hill, Bo Hopkins
Genre:Film, Suspense

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Yeah! It's 1975, the lapels are big, the sideburns are long, and the violence is nowhere near as ultra as it is these days, but it's still kill or be killed, CIA-style, as James Caan's freelance spy-guy character gets kneecapped (and elbowed, even) in a little surprise retirement party thrown by one of his fellow spooks. Watch Jimmy rehab his fenestrated physique and then go for the big payback. Forget the Peckinpah film fest, man, this one's a must for any serious Bo Hopkins retrospective you might be planning, and it might be the only time in history Burt Young and Gig Young have appeared in the same picture. Warning: Communications Integrity and ComTeg are compiling lists based on rentals of this movie. You might want to send a cutout for the pickup.

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