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Along Came Polly

By Wendy Ward | Posted

Not that Ben Stiller doesn't rock in this new romcom--because he does--but isn't it high time Jennifer Aniston carried her own movie, or at least shared equal story and screen time? Anyway, Stiller's character, Reuben Feffer, an anal insurance risk assessor, is left with an empty feeling after his brand-spanking-new bride, Lisa (Debra Messing), goes deep with her scuba instructor, Claude (the unsettlingly nude Hank Azaria), on their honeymoon. Then along comes Polly Prince (a boho-ed out Aniston, who basically plays herself, which we know 'cause, you know, we know the real Jen) to turn Reuben's insides out, shake up his sense of himself, let him feel on her showcased-for-the-big-screen booty, and leave him wondering if he even wants Lisa back if, say, she happens to leave Claude and wait for Reuben at his apartment while he does some hee-larious salsa dancing. Philip Seymour Hoffman introduces us to the term "sharted" and takes names and numbers as Reuben's best friend/child star has-been, Sandy Lyle, and Alec Baldwin goes kosher ("Mazel-mazel, good things") as Reuben's fatass boss. We would have liked to see more of the vision-impaired slapstick stunt ferret Rodolfo and, most importantly, please, when this comes up again--more Jen, less Ben.

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