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The Butterfly Effect

By Wendy Ward | Posted

It's all about chaos theory: Every single little cause has an effect, like the flutter of a butterfly's wings could cause a typhoon halfway across the world. You know, like a handsome young guy could get a hit TV show and start an affair with a 41-year-old movie star, suddenly causing a wild whirlwind of hot air blowing up Hollywood's collective ass. Ashton Kutcher, the tall hottie with the doe eyes (and the worst part of an otherwise pretty cool movie) is the cause, and the ripple/effect is The Butterfly Effect. Kutcher plays Evan Treborn, a supersmart (yeah, we know, but c'mon, it's a movie) psychology major with a history of blackouts. He delves into his childhood journals trying to find the reason why, the room shakes, and really loud noises boom as he hurls back through time, reliving the things he can't remember: crazy daddy; scary neighbor kid Tommy Miller (played by a chilling Jesse James); Kayleigh Miller, the gal pal he loved (played as an adult by a talented Amy Smart); pedophilic Mr. Miller (the always sleazy Eric Stoltz); and the evil situations he took part in. Can he change them to effect a happier, healthier outcome? Of course he can. Does he fuck it up? Of course he does. If only Ashton would get lost in Evan, instead of rolling his eyes and doing that double-take action with his head that is sooooo That '70s Show.

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