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By Bret McCabe | Posted

A 90-minute Viagra stroke to the liquid-cooled engine and the need for speed, director Joseph Kahn's Torque solves the clunky plot problems of extreme actioners by eliminating the need to think--just sit back and let the drool pool. After six months on the run, biker boy Cary Ford (Martin Henderson, who with any luck will become the Kurt Russell of his generation) returns to his Californication hottie Shane (Monet Mazur) with hopes of clearing his name. He's being pursued by a bad-boy FBI agent McPherson (Adam Scott) and a rolling-hard African-American cycle gang led by Trey Wallace (Ice Cube), all because Ford pissed off the wrong porterhouse of a crystal-meth dealer, Henry James (Matt Schulze), who has the butterfly-knife-wielding party favor China (Jamie Pressly) to turn his screw. It's all afterthought for a series of whiplash chases, through twisting desert-mountain roads, from land to atop a moving train to inside said train, and money-shot ridiculously through the streets of L.A. on a Rolls Royce helicopter-engine-powered phallic symbol--uh, superbike. Throw in Ice Cube barking "fuck the police" with a straight face, and Torque makes The Wild Angels one very proud parent.

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