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Scary Movie 3

By Troy Hopper | Posted

The third in a series that initially promised "no sequels," Scary Movie 3's only real success is proving that the franchise has finally exhausted its usefulness. Gone are the Wayans brothers, whose unique brand of edgy humor made the first two installments so popular, taking with them the R rating that attempted to keep the teenaged boys away. In their place is David Zucker, the veteran director of such spoof classics as Airplane! and The Naked Gun, who has drastically trimmed the sex and crudeness in favor of more slapstick. Unfortunately, his efforts do little to elicit much laughter, which is shameful considering such rich material as The Ring, Signs, and 8 Mile. Sure, one does derive a certain amount of pleasure watching Queen Latifah reach through a TV screen to pimp-slap an unruly ghost, but when laughs like that come so far and few between, why even waste your time?

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