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Jeepers Creepers 2

By Bret McCabe | Posted

While it's easy enough to enjoy the nothing-new genre machinations of director Victor Salva's thrill horror Jeepers Creepers 2--in which a school bus full of high-school basketball players and cheerleaders becomes a sardine can for the winged, fugly humanoid beast who wants to eat them--it's more fun to view as Leland Palmer Strikes Back. The career of actor Ray Wise, with his hangdog face and thin-lipped sneer/smile, is riddled with skeezy, impotent power men who succumb to their weak constitution's base urges, epitomized as the haunted, incestuous father of Laura in Twin Peaks. But his Jack Taggart here is a hard-working farmer and single father of two boys, the youngest of which becomes victim No. 1 in JC2's ingeniously by-the-numbers prologue. Watching his youngest become a bite-sized snack turns Taggart's salt-of-the-earth skills and tools into a hunter's quiver, and as the flying flesh eater snatches, decapitates, and generally terrorizes the trapped teens, Taggart tracks him to settle the score because, you know, this time it's personal.

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