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By Bret McCabe | Posted

A wannabe Blue Crush for skate rats, Grind never embraces its sport with anything near the romantic adrenaline of last summer's surfer-girl flick or Dogtown and Z-Boys. Instead, director Casey La Scala plops dorky-boy humor where the action should be, as aspiring pro skater Eric (Mike Vogel) convinces his buds to leave their old Chicago homes (which look suspiciously like southern California) and follow celebrity skateboarder Jimmy Wilson (Jason London) across the country. Inevitably, the whole gang--doofus Matt (Vince Vieluf), nice boy Dustin (The Gilmore Girls' Adam Brody), and smoothy Sweet Lou (Joey Kern), who likes high-school girls because he keeps getting older and they stay the same age--bands together to come of age. En route, Eric eyes the bangdangable (though noticeably nameless for very near the flick's entirety) Jamie (Jennifer Morrison), who he mistakes for a skate Betty but ends up having serious skate skills all her own. And when Grind finally gets around to skating, even its moving cameras can't animate the lame moves, and what wants to be The Endless Summer for sidewalk surfers ends up being way short of the Shakes the Clown of vacant dude comedies.

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