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Director:Martin Brest
Cast:Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck
Genre:Film, Drama

By Richard Gorelick | Posted

Of course it's awful--everyone knows that--but is it hilariously awful in the popcorn-throwing fashion of a Showgirls? Unfortunately not. Gigli (pronounced PEE-yu) is merely boring, stupid, and offensive. Ben Affleck plays the title character, a thickheaded mob enforcer hired to kidnap an ambitious district attorney's retarded brother, Brian (Justin Bartha). Jennifer Lopez is another mob operative--Ricki, a literate lesbian--who has been hired to watch over the dumb ox and his adorably retarded victim. Against all odds, Lopez and Affleck deliver decent, even charming, performances, and they honestly do create some nice screen chemistry. Blame it all on director/screenwriter Martin Brest (Scent of a Woman, Meet Joe Black), who plausibly may have been hired by a competing studio to kill the project. They got the right guy. When Christopher Walken and later Al Pacino show up to bore everyone blind, the audience can be heard murmuring, "Oh God, not him."

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