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Bruce Almighty

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Once-and-future rubber-faced funnyman Jim Carrey reunites with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective director Tom Shadyac in this lukewarm feel-good PG-13 fantasy about a self-absorbed, Walter Cronkite-worshipping local TV-news personality who wants to do more than the Groundhog Day amusing-human-interest crapola. Jennifer Aniston (The Good Girl) hits her mark and treads water, cutely, as the, uh, good girl; Steven Carell (Comedy Central's The Daily Show) provides the biggest laughs as a stiff talking-head newsguy who gets his; and Morgan Freeman (come on, this is Morgan Freeman, go look up some of his movies on your own time) glides through as God, down to Earth for a little vacation and, hey, maybe even a lesson or two about what's really important for actors trying to carry Jimmy Stewart movies in 2003. Whatever.

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