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Finding Nemo

By Tom Siebert | Posted

Pixar knocks out another family classic with this ambitious animated oceanic epic: It looks great, creates a unique and transporting universe, deftly juggles about two dozen pivotal characters, tugs at primal emotions without sinking into saccharine sentiment, and is funny as hell. A timid, kvetching clown fish (voice of Albert Brooks) sets off on a great quest when his son Nemo is snatched by divers. Along the way, he meets a jumbo sushi platter's worth of undersea types, from a schizophrenic blue tang (a hilarious Ellen DeGeneres), to support-group sharks trying to swear off fish, to surfer-dude turtles. Meanwhile, in an Australian dentist's office, Nemo and a tank of mixed tropicals plot their escape. Though a couple of scenes might be too intense for the preschool set, there's at least a laugh a minute for the kids, while the movie also makes sure to toss quite a few jokes over the tykes' heads for the parents to catch. Written and directed by Andrew Stanton, co-writer/director of A Bug's Life and a writer on Monsters, Inc. and both Toy Story movies. Stick around through the credits; they keep throwing visual gags, and there's one great laugh at the very end.

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