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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

By Christopher Skokna | Posted

Cowboy Bebop, based on the popular Cartoon Network show, takes two perfectly good segments of snappy patter and kick-ass action, and sticks about a half-hour of mystic mumbo-jumbo and talking about feelings in between. "Enough with the talking! More ass-beatings!" you'll find yourself screaming at the screen. And then, yes, the ass-beatings and potboiler dialogue resume, the good guys win, and the movie ends. Not that it matters, but here's the plot: Some mysterious madman starts committing acts of bioterror in Alba City on Mars (it's 2071); the Cowboy Bebop team of bounty hunters--a few clichés and a really smart Welsh corgi--goes after him; a military-industrial conspiracy tries to contain this mess it's created, and tries to stop the Beboppers and the local cops from doing the same; and, along the way, lots of things blow up. Plus, a cool soundtrack, excellent visuals, and well-choreographed violence. Next time, please, leave out all that talking.

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