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By Joe MacLeod | Posted

First of all, they're showing this piece of crap with a computer-animated cartoon short based on The Matrix, and the most remarkable thing about the cartoon is how hi-def they computer-rendered the computer buttocks on the Asian chick, and it makes you realize they're gonna computer-render flesh-and-blood actors out of business in about 10 years, but anyway, don't fall for it! It's a trap! This complete and utter dog is made from a Stephen King novel, and it is an abomination, a horror, 136 minutes of your life (not including the cartoon) you will never get back. Maybe if this movie was made before The Thing, Independence Day, Alien, Stand by Me, and It, it wouldn't appear to be such an awful, crazy mix-'em-up of those movies plus some X Files thrown in there. And the fucking dreamcatcher? Nothing happens with the dreamcatcher; they just mention it in the movie before the "shit weasels" attack.

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