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Agent Cody Banks

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Frankie Muniz (television's titular Malcolm in the Middle) milks a few more feet of film out of his kid-star career--before the hormones kick in and, chances are, turn him into a sad caricature of his present bankable self--as hi-tech CIA super-spy youth-recruit Cody Banks, a typical suburban 15-year-old who knows 10 ways to kill an opponent with his bare hands. Angie Harmon (erstwhile legal hottie from television's Law & Order), takes a break from those fashion shows she's always attending to model a pile of push-up bras and tight pantsuits as Cody's spy-handler, Ronica Miles, steering him through the finer points of the whole James Bond thing, including being smooth with the ladies, which callow Cody ain't. The refreshingly reptillian Ian McShane (Sexy Beast) stretches his leathery suntanned skin for a stroll through the action as the evil Brinkman, bent on doing something Real Bad with billions of microscopic doo-hickeys. This competent 007 simulacrum is rated PG for "action violence," "mild language," and "sensual content." That means you're gonna see Agent Cody try out his X-ray spy specs on the ladies and get knocked the fuck out by an adult bad guy (The Mummy's Arnold Vosloo), plus you get to see a teen-age girl (Hilary Duff) do straight-up murder.

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