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Old School

Old School

Director:Todd Phillips
Cast:Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn
Genre:Film, Comedy

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

The star- and semi-star-studded cast of this ineptly constructed kollege komedy is headed up by Luke Wilson (the new millennium's Mark Harmon) as Mitch Martin, a bland, average 30-year-old bored by his job and generally disillusioned with life. Will Ferrell (Saturday Night Live) and Vince Vaughn as Mitch's equally malaise-ridden pals provide virtually all of the cheap laughs and make you wonder why the fuck screenwriters Todd Phillips and Scot Armstrong didn't take a hard look at this mess when they were writing it and just cut out Wilson's part in favor of more funny. This one coulda been a contender. Also featuring Will Ferrell's buttocks, and a gag involving the penis of a morbidly obese African-American youth, a length of rope, and a cinder block.

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