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Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

Director:Jonathan Liebesman
Cast:Chaney Kley, Emma Caulfield
Genre:Film, Horror

By Tom Siebert | Posted

Darkness Falls. With a splat. There are a couple cheap jolts, but no true scares or suspense in debut director Jonathan Liebesman's glossy, hyperactively edited The Blair Witch Project ripoff. Darkness Falls begins with a bit of B-movie promise but quickly degenerates into an illogical and formulaic--if mostly PG-13 bloodless--high-body-count teen horror picture, before closing with a special-effects schlockfest finale. In rural Maine, a vengeful ghost kills kids after they lose their last baby tooth (yup, it's the Evil Tooth Fairy), then embarks on a murderous spree after the small town's power goes out. The picture is full of cats jumping out of the darkness, sudden loud noises, and diabolically timed heavy-metal power chords, but "Boo!" only goes so far. The lame script laughably depends on the world's least reliable flashlights before jettisoning even its own internal logic in a last-ditch effort to elevate the death toll. None of the bland cast deserves mention, though a central horror film truism--nothing is as terrifying as our imagination--is: The more we see of the supernatural villain, the less scary she gets. Basically, another skinless specter of sinew, ho-hum.

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