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Shanghai Knights

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Only the second time around for the team of Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, but it's enough already. One hundred and seven minutes seems much longer in this change of venue for erstwhile Forbidden City palace guard Chon Wang (Chan) and libidinous petty-thief cowboy-surfer-dude-bullshit-artist Roy O'Bannon (Wilson) as the mayhem moves from movie sets of the rip-roarin' Wild West of the 1800s to movie sets of Jolly Olde England of the same period. Wang seeks to visit payback upon the evil Rathbone (Aidan Gillen, in an excellent, oily, Baldwinesque turn), 10th in line for the throne of J.O. England. Also along to help with slightly more vigorous martial movie-artistry than Mr. Does-All-His-Own-Stunts-But-C'mon-He's-54 are Donnie Yen as Wu Yip, Rathbone's Cathay counterpart, and black-haired beauty Fann Wong as Chon Wang's sister, Chon Lin, who kicks ass and, uh, licks Owen Wilson's face.

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