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A Guy Thing

By Bret McCabe | Posted

Forgetting to bring the funny to a romantic comedy happens all the time, but director Chris Koch (Snow Day) makes the heinous mistake of turning Jason Lee into Billy Crystal. A Guy Thing wastes the charmingly sarcastic Lee in a series of unsightly gags as Paul Morse, a guy whose picture-perfect career and engagement to Karen (Selma Blair) turns topsy-turvy after meeting Becky (Julia Stiles) at his bachelor party. Waking up alongside Becky, Paul assumes they danced the dirty drunken macarena and spends the ensuing days before his wedding trying to conceal incriminating evidence, such as a pair of panties that won't stay hidden and a scorching case of crabs, and terrorizing from Becky's aggro-cop ex-boyfriend (Lochlyn Munro). The one-trick-pony jokes wouldn't fall like dead horses if Koch didn't vacillate between the wacky and the crude, a jumble best described as leaden. Plus, when you leave a flick starring Lee and Blair and think, "Gosh, that Julia Stiles sure is something," you know you've left a ring of hell Dante left out of his Inferno.

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