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National Security

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Another Martin Lawrenceploitation flick in the manner of 1999's Blue Streak, only not as, uh, finely crafted. Funnyman Lawrence portrays Earl Montgomery, a wannabe cop who has a run-in with Steve Zahn's character, Hank, who sports a bad straight-man/sidekick haircut and a bad straight-man/sidekick moustache, and happens to be a gainfully employed LAPD peace officer. Putatively hilarious misunderstandings and misrepresentations centered around themes of racial conflict ensue. Bullets fly. Automobiles sail through the air the way automobiles sail through the air when they are driven off those little ramps they use in movies to make 'em turn over, crash, and then blow up real good, like automobiles do all the time in the movies. Women respond positively to Mr. Lawrence's character's romantic advances. Eric Roberts shows up in a film that isn't direct-to-video, Bill Duke glowers, and he-so-crazy Martin employs his catchphrase du jour: "What the problem is?"

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