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Just Married

By Tom Siebert | Posted

Just plain terrible anti-romantic comedy about a mismatched L.A. couple (Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy) honeymooning in Europe, where their marriage quickly falls apart. In brief: It's all his fault. The groom is an amiable goofball at best and a shallow, selfish, navel-gazing moron at worst. Touring the continent, he puts Americans in the worst light possible--sporting his USA cap, insulting the natives, showing no appreciation for art or other cultures, spending a day at an American bar in Venice watching Dodgers' games while his new bride tours the city, practically burning down a 12th-century castle, wrecking their car, etc., etc. We never understand what the gal sees in this doofus, so director Shawn Levy's movie gets turned on its head when we wind up rooting for the slick corporate raider (Christian Kane) the heroine's father prefers. The bubbly Murphy tries hard and is very likable as the new bride, but Kutcher is trapped in a thankless role, and after a while it's hard to even look at him. As the rest of the world searches for terrific propaganda about the Ugly American, this bomb is a bull's-eye.

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