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Maid in Manhattan

By Amy M. Bruce | Posted

A star vehicle in which J. Lo attempts to put the assy in classy as Marisa Ventura, a single mom who works as a maid in a glittering New York hotel. By the power of "fate" (or a really uninspired scriptwriter) she runs into Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), a candidate for the New York Senate, who mistakes her for a nauseating socialite. Following the Great Big Book of Hollywood Fill-in-the-Blank Scripts, boy meets girl, falls for girl, can't have girl, bangs girl, and then gets to be her Prince Charming. Maid is a Cinderella carbon copy, right down to the prince, er, politician running down the stars after his love interest. Sometimes the characters pretend what real people in their positions here on planet Earth would logically do, but the logic is haphazard at best and ignored entirely at worst. But the cinematography is nice; Maid may be clichéd fluff, but at least it's pretty fluff.

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