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Star Trek: Nemesis

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Dammit, Jim, just how many Star Trek movies has it been now anyway? It's almost as if there's no place left to go where No Man Has Gone Before, so all you can do is rematerialize familiar Star Trek plot devices, sign up actors from the TV show (most of whom got no place else to go, boldly or otherwise), strap on some spaceships, and watch your budget with a less-than-stellar director (Stuart "U.S. Marshals" Baird) at the helm of the good ship Enterprise cinema franchise and hope it's not the last gasp of the Next Generation of Star Trek-flavored science-fiction films. There's a cool space-ship crash; a bit of fun with doppelgängers, organic and robotic; the very English, very bald Patrick Stewart speaks the speech; and Tom Hardy is best-in-show as a superior species of space villain. But ultimately, it's just another stretched-out television-episode ride to the Neutral Zone where We've All Gone Before. True believers, sometimes too accepting and apologetic of new Trek product, will experience little fulfillment beyond the mere fact that there is a new Trek flick at all to beam off to. We have met the Nemesis, and it just might be us.

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