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Analyze That

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Here we go again. Director Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day, Bedazzled) chews up and pukes out brand-new warmed-up leftovers of his 1999 hit Analyze This, which featured funnyman Billy Crystal as a psychiatrist with father issues stuck in the position of headshrinker to a psycho mob boss (scaryman Robert De Niro) who turns to psychoanalysis to help solve some of his own "family" problems. It paid off, so what the fuck, eh? Let's film two, and yeah, since they got away with it once, Crystal and De Niro are back to steal another paycheck. Yeah, they always return to the scene of the crime, more sure of themselves, and a little sloppier, a little less attentive to detail. Analyze That? Yeah, right. Analyze this, you piece of shit.

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