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The Santa Clause 2

By Tom Siebert | Posted

An unnecessary and immediately forgettable seasonal sequel to the 1994 Disney smash. As the contractually obligated Claus, a similarly duty-bound Tim Allen is the whole show, and his affable charm is what keeps this rote financial exercise from going completely off the sleigh rails. Turns out Santa's signed agreement includes fine print about the need for a Mrs. Claus. An amusing enough idea, but a phalanx of six (!) screenwriters is compelled to pile on the contrived subplots, from a wayward son on the "naughty" list to the chilly school principal in need of warming up to an evil alternative Santa left in charge of the North Pole while the real Claus is out trolling for chicks. Not surprising for a Hollywood product all about making more money and extending the franchise, the lesson is that Xmas is only about getting presents. If there's no Santa, there's no holiday, making this perfect multiplex fodder for all those jammed shopping malls.

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