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Extreme Ops

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Some "extreme sports" stars travel to the forbidding snow-capped mountains of Austria to film Mountain Dew-style extreme snow stunts for a TV commercial. Blonde lip-balmshell Bridgette Wilson (The Last Action Hero, Mortal Kombat), wife of tennis star Pete Sampras (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon), stars as a troubled Olympic skier who can't live on the edge like her wacky extreme-sports commercial co-stars, and we kinda suspect maybe there's some tennis money bankrolling this thing based on how much emoting she gets to attempt. There's some vestigial plot-type stuff about a Serbian war criminal, but it's nothing like on the commercials they've been running for this flick, which makes it look like a hokey "meddling kids"-kinda thing, which, to it's credit, it isn't. Chances are this movie won't even be in the theaters by the time anyone reads this anyway. Oh yeah, this picture has a better skiing-in-front-of-an-avalanche sequence than XXX, but that's about it.

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