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By Richard Gorelick | Posted

A dual-track documentary about two comedians toiling away in the sad, sour profession of stand-up comedy. The first is Jerry Seinfeld, who, when he decided to revive his stand-up act, dared to throw out his old routine and create completely new material. Assembling a new routine is apparently harder than we thought (key revelation: many comics are insecure), and Seinfeld does briefly address the objection many viewers will have: "Um, like, isn't that your job?" He remains an aloof nice guy, even when he's clearly straining to shape a new Starbucks joke. Unexplored by documentarian Christian Charles is Seinfeld's persistent silence--in and out of his routine--about the lives of profoundly rich people like himself. The second comedian, relative unknown Orny Adams, is a real piece of work--equally ambitious and self-destructive, incapable of accepting good advice. Oh, what can you do with a man like that?

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