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Ghost Ship

By Amy M. Bruce | Posted

Captain Sean Murphy's (Gabriel Byrne) motto for his ship salvaging business is, "In this business, the only plan is there is no plan." Screenwriter Mark Hanlon's motto for this cheesy horror flick must have been, "In this movie, the only plot is there is no plot." Ghost Ship is filled to the gunwales with all the standard Hollywood boo tactics--the ghoulish face appearing in the mirror, ghosts popping up without warning, the inexplicable loss of radio communications, etc. The only thing worse than the clichéd scare-mongering is the dialogue, which has the distinct scent of decay ("You better come look at this"). Adrift without a compelling story line or decent dialogue, director Steve Beck (Thir13en Ghosts) falls back on gore to keep this boat afloat. If you want to be truly scared this Halloween, skip the Ship and go see The Ring.

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