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I Spy

By Ian Grey | Posted

Never an industry to take a stand when it can just bend over, Hollywood officially gives it up for the president select's all-war, all-the-time policies under the cover of this inept revision of the '60s TV show. Smart-ass secret agent Alexander Scott (Owen Wilson) is ordered by a shadow-government defense agency to go to Budapest, assisted for reasons that make no sense at all by idiot champion boxer Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy). Turns out, the two must stop the Axis of Evil from attaining weapons of mass destruction--in this case, a nuke-packed bomber capable of invisibility. The real mystery here is Wilson, whose career schizophrenia--from co-writing/starring in The Royal Tenenbaums to this?--is daunting in terms of its sheer mainstream suck-up cynicism. Wilson delivers his lines robotically, as if he can taste the opportunistic bile of this craven, Other-hating tripe.

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