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By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Got yer basic dinner-and-a-movie picture right here--something you can have fun picking apart after the show. But if you dig the Benjamin Bratt because you watch Law & Order, you're gonna crack this case wide open in about 10 minutes. Catherine Burke (Katie Holmes from The Gift and television's Dawson's Creek) is a type-A comely coed undergrad who might know a little more about the disappearance of her magnetic ex-boyfriend (Charlie Hunnam) than she lets on to broken-down detective Wade Handler (Bratt). Wade Handler? Jesus Christ. Anyway, will Benjamin slip her the Bratt-wurst? Is there any way Katie Holmes is gonna show more skin than in The Gift? You pays your money, you takes your chances. Shout-out to Zooey Deschanel for providing blessed smart-ass relief, and no shout-out to director Stephen Gaghan (screenwriter of Traffic) for making this thing too fucking long and for scenes of college kids being all touchy and feely without showing what they ingested to get that way.

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