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Formula 51

Samuel Jackson in a kilt.

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

This thing's already out on DVD in Great Britain as The 51st State, and unless you have a burning desire to see a lot of Bad British Smiles, there isn't much reason for you to blow your hard-earned movie dollars on it. Samuel L. Jackson, as always, rises above all the shite as a superbad disillusioned child of the '60s who channels his skills as a pharmacologist toward creating the ultimate disco biscuit, 51 times more powerful than cocaine, ecstasy, and whatever else you wanna snort, shoot, or swallow. He slips on a kilt, ankles to the British Isles, and hooks up with soccer hooligan Felix DeSouza (Trainspotting's Robert Carlyle) to sell the recipe so the club kids can taste the rainbow. A pulpless Pulp Fiction. Lock, stock, and no smoking barrels. A dry Snatch. But hey, if you must go, wait until you see "the end."

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