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Stealing Harvard

Stealing Harvard

Director:Bruce McCulloch
Cast:Jason Lee, Tom Green, Leslie Mann
Genre:Film, Comedy

By Richard Gorelick | Posted

Long after most people watching will have abandoned hope, Stealing Harvard puts together the cinematic equivalent of a nifty late-inning rally. Although it's too little, too late, it's heartening all the same. To his credit, director Bruce McCulloch (of Kids in the Hall semi-fame) doesn't ask his cast to commit much to the idiotic plot, which concerns a young man's long-forgotten promise to bankroll his niece's Harvard education. Although it's a close call as to whether Jason Lee is measuredly playing a vague man or simply giving a vague performance, he's adorable doing it, or just seems adorable next to the gruesome likes of Tom Green, Seymour Cassel, Chris Penn, and Dennis Farina, the last of whom has made himself into a professional nuisance. It's utility player Leslie Mann, though, in the thankless role of Lee's harpy fiancée, who starts that rally--as if she could hear us out there chanting, "Les-lie, Les-lie. . . ."

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