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Blue Crush

By Richard Gorelick | Posted

Tony Manero goes Hawaiian. Like the hero of Saturday Night Fever, beautiful Anne Marie can do one thing very well--in her case, surfing the world-famous waves of Oahu's North Shore. Also, like Tony, lovely Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth) must prepare for the upcoming Big Competition while trying to deal with job and family troubles and a new lover outside of her social class. Blue Crush nearly sinks under waves of genre convention, and the depiction of poor Anne Marie's hotel cleaning job is patronizing. The vaunted surfing sequences are unconvincing, rendered so by overediting and clumsy effects--not a single ride is shown persuasively from start to finish. But then, at the very last minute, a surprising act of generosity by a minor character--one of Anne Marie's senior competitors--gives her the confidence she's been lacking and nearly redeems every soggy thing that's come before it.

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