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Big Trouble

By Adele Marley | Posted

If you think it's still too soon after you-know-when to make light of things like airport security, illegal arms trading, and on-flight hijacking, you should probably skip Big Trouble, an amiable enough ensemble comedy from director Barry Sonnenfeld that peels off in so many directions it never quite gets anywhere. Based on humorist Dave Barry's 1999 fiction debut, Trouble stars Tim Allen as Eliot Arnold, a Miami Herald reporter-turned-advertising exec who gets no respect from his sullen teenaged son Matt (Ben Foster). Matt's prank on smart-aleck cutie Jenny Herk (Zooey Deschanel) results in Eliot's introduction to the girl's arms-dealing stepfather, Arthur (Stanley Tucci), her va-va-voom mother, Anna (Rene Russo), two cops (Patrick Warburton and Janeane Garofalo), and a hippie who lives in a tree (Jason Lee). Oh, and Arthur is being trailed by some hit men from New Jersey (Dennis Farina and Jack Kehler), a couple of FBI agents (Omar Epps and Heavy D), and a pair of dull-witted escaped convicts (Johnny Knoxville and Tom Sizemore) who manage to snag his Jaguar and make off with a nuke in a briefcase. Keeping track of everything that goes down in Big Trouble is a thankless task and, since the movie isn't all that funny, isn't worth the trouble.

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