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Super Troopers

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

OK, here's your official City Paper Film Clips EZ-Matic Litmus Test for this film: Do ya like the Three Stooges? 1) You don't? Fine, you're through. Move along, citizen, because sitting through this flick would be like having long steel knitting needles jammed into your eyes and ears. Go on now, git! 2) You do? Well, loser, you might just enjoy this here picture, which is all about some stupid-ass Vermont state troopers about to be line-itemed out of their jobs. Written and acted in by the Broken Lizard collective, and also directed by part of it, one Jay Chandrasekhar, this drive-in-ready offering sports tissue-thin plot and dialogue, one-take cinematography, bad foreign accents, and no redeeming cultural or social value whatsoever. You will laugh.

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