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Hart's War

Hart's War

Director:Gregory Hoblit
Cast:Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell
Genre:Film, War

By Ian Grey | Posted

Hart's War is proof that the expectations set by casting Bruce Willis in a movie can ruin what could have been a perfectly decent play. It's World War II, and Lt. Tommy Hart (Colin Farrell), a one-time law student, has been captured and tortured by the Nazis, to whom he spills some secrets. Burdened with guilt, Hart is relocated to a German prison camp lorded over by American Col. William McNamara (Willis riffing on Jack Nicholson's A Few Good Men snarl). Soon after, two African-American pilots crash and are captured. One is killed by we-won't-say-which character, the other blamed for the death of a white character, leading to a Nazi-approved hate-crime trial (the multitiered ironies of which the movie ignores). Outside of a few impressive design elements and what one assumes are contractually obligated extreme closeups of Willis' aging glower, the movie is mainly talk, talk, talk with a last minute dose of halfhearted faux patriotism thrown in for mob-think spice.

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