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Out Cold

By Loren Glass | Posted

Out Cold is the latest low-budget installment in the new franchise of films focused on abject adolescent masculinity. Indeed, snowboarding seems positively safe and sanitary when compared to getting a blow job from a polar bear, or getting your genitals stuck in a Jacuzzi drainpipe. The film tries hard to be an arctic American Pie, following the antics of four snowboarding buddies as they search for sex and struggle to save their mountain town from the evil clutches of a corporate mogul (clumsily played by an aging Lee Majors) bent on developing it into a yuppie ski resort. Unfortunately, Out Cold appears to have been written by people who share the mentality of their adolescent subjects. It's one thing to satirize the puerile obsessions of youth; it's quite another to share them and assume that a disjointed series of fart jokes and beer drinking, periodically punctuated by snowboarding stunt scenes, can actually add up to a film.

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