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The One

The One

Director:James Wong
Cast:Jet Li, Delroy Lindo
Genre:Film, Action

By Eric Allen Hatch | Posted

Turns out there's dozens of alternate universes, and every person has a parallel identity in each other universe. An evil Jet Li bridges dimensions targeting the other Jet Lis, absorbing the abilities of every terminated self. He is pursued by multiverse police (including Delroy Lindo) as he hunts the final Jet Li, an honorable Los Angeles cop (no comment). If he succeeds in becoming "the One," he'll either absorb God-like powers or destroy an entire universe. You can hear the pitch right now: "It's Jet Li vs. Jet Li." Sadly, neither director James Wong (Final Destination) nor anyone else developed this film beyond that pitch. Intended to recall The Matrix, The One offers instead predictable fight scenes and obnoxious white-boy rap-metal. Worse, it refuses to have any fun with its paper-thin sci-fi setup. The Matrix had you thinking between action sequences, but The One suggests nothing even marginally novel about these alternative universes, becoming just another weak chapter in the Americanization of the Hong Kong action picture.

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