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The Glass House

By Rachel Deahl | Posted

A passable thriller with some smart punches and a clever setting, The Glass House ultimately slips on its thin characterizations and trite plotting. Leelee Sobieski (looking more dour than ever) stars as Ruby Baker, a California teen who, along with her younger brother, loses her parents in a fatal car crash. Put under the guardianship of her former neighbors, Erin (Diane Lane) and Terry Glass (Stellan Skarsgård), Ruby has doubts about her caretakers from the get-go. From Erin's cold fish mothering (she listens in on Ruby's phone calls and orders haute cuisine takeout for dinner) to Jerry's nominally disturbing advances (driving Ruby home from dinner one night, drunk, he makes a pass at her), the Glasses are hardly the picture of suburban bliss. Once the truth about Terry's shaky finances surface and Ruby learns that she and her brother have been left with a hefty trust fund, things turn into an all-out race for survival. The best thing about The Glass House is the not-so-subtle title domicile, a palatial Malibu architectural wonder of juxtaposed translucent surfaces that provides a great spot for a catch-me-if-you-can cat-and-mouse game between the young'uns and the adults.

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