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Rock Star

Rock Star

Director:Stephen Herek
Cast:Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston
Genre:Film, Drama

By Rachel Deahl | Posted

Recalling the film that put Mark Wahlberg on the proverbial Hollywood map (Boogie Nights), Rock Star opens with a shot of a seedy theater, showing films with titles like All That Jizz and My Favorite Rear. More than a sly nod to Wahlberg's previous turn as a porn star, the scene sets up a film about becoming a knockoff. Set in the mid-'80s and inspired by a true story, Wahlberg stars as Chris Cole, a wannabe rocker living out his fantasy by fronting local cover band Blood Pollution. Imitating the popular hair band Steel Dragon, Blood Pollution is led by Chris' dead-on incarnation of real-life headliner Bobby Beers. Refusing to let his band play original music, Chris is dumped by his buddies only to get the ultimate invitation: join Steel Dragon as a replacement for Beers. What ensues is a whirlwind transition from fandom to stardom with the requisite sex, drugs, and self-absorption ensuing. Rock Star never embraces its campy potential and becomes an awkward combination of fantasy trip and reality trip. It panders to guys who yearned to be Jon Bon Jovi (or, more accurately, David Lee Roth) and then lunges headfirst into a shameless Behind the Music-like morality tale about the cost of celebrity.

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