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Crime Doesn't Pay: Jon Favreau's sorta-mob movie falls flat, despite the presence of Famke Janssen.

By Ian Grey | Posted

Writer/actor Jon Favreau (Swingers) makes his directorial debut with Made, which tells of two mismatched ne'er-do-well boxing buddies living in Los Angeles: ham hock-headed skirt-chaser Ricky (Vince Vaughn) and his ever-suffering pal Bobby (Favreau). The two annoy Jewish gangster Max (Peter Falk) so much that he offers to send them to New York to do unspecified gangster stuff. In buddy comedies, each buddy must change and their relationship must be redefined. But here, Ricky stays the same insufferable asshole he was when the movie began. Made does have its moments, offering the yummy Famke Janssen as a stripper, along with the always-intriguing Falk. Unfortunately, Falk is only seen at the film's beginning and near-end, leaving Vaughn plenty of room to perform the acting equivalent of scraping a piece of tin over a fresh cavity. To be fair, Favreau is a likable actor, and he doesn't direct that shoddily either. His script is anemic, but for most of the movie he keeps up a nice balance between glamorized underworld glitz and bubbling-under violence. Alas, this precarious perch is abandoned late in the film, which ruins the movie.

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