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Time and Tide

Time and Tide

Director:Tsui Hark
Cast:Nicholas Tse, Cathy Tsui, Wu Bai
Genre:Film, Action

By Adele Marley | Posted

You may think you wouldn't want to sit through some berserk, incomprehensible foreign film, but in the case of Time and Tide--a mind-scrambling, jarringly frenetic Hong Kong actioner from entrepreneur/auteur/genre fixture Tsui Hark--you'd be wrong. In case you're a stickler for clarity, I'll break it down for you: Slacker bartender Tyler (Nicholas Tse) takes a job as a bodyguard to save up money for a baby he seems to have fathered during a one-night stand with a lesbian cop (Cathy Tsui). Eventually, he finds himself caught in a war between two drug cartels and makes a friend in reformed gangster Jack (Wu Bai), another dutiful dad-to-be. Don't forget to take the time to ruminate over Time and Tide's charming exposition while watching crazed combatants beat the crap out of each other or rappel down the sides of a building or--in one of the most insane set pieces imaginable--a woman be handed a firearm as she gives birth so she can cover the guy who's delivering her baby.

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