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By Joe MacLeod | Posted

It's like Ghostbusters, only not as good. Sure, it's directed by Ivan Reitman, the guy who did Ghostbusters, and there are all kinds of special-effects goo and gook coming out of creatures from another world, but there's no Bill Murray, no Harold Ramis, no Dan Ayk . . . waitaminnit, there is some Dan Aykroyd; he plays the governor of Arizona, but he's wearing some kind of ridiculous prosthetic getup that makes him look like Orson Welles. Oh, wait. This just in: Dan Aykroyd (Doctor Detroit) is not wearing a prosthetic fat suit. Sorry, Mr. Aykroyd. Anyway, David Duchovny (remember him from the teevee?) sort of plays the X-Files version of himself (but thinks he's acting), Orlando Jones plays a sidekick, and Julianne Moore falls down a lot. But this flick's real highlight (besides hearing "Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry and the word "mitosis") is Sean William Scott (American Pie; Dude, Where's My Car?) as the extra sidekick. The really dumb-ass extra sidekick. This guy's going places. Small children might have trouble with scenes involving a flying reptile predator and a creature that looks like a cross between a frog and a bulldog which mauls a lady's arm, but then again, they'll probably laugh real hard at all the butt-related humor. And Duchovny moons someone, so file this one under "butt-tacular."

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