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Town & Country

By Luisa F. Ribeiro | Posted

There's nothing deadlier than misfired comedy, which makes the long-postponed Town & Country positively lethal. Despite a cast that includes Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Gary Shandling, and even happy-go-lucky National Rifle Association president Charlton Heston, this clumsy, late-middle-aged romantic misadventure sinks under the weight of banal one-liners, tired sight gags, and pointless vulgarity. Beatty and Keaton play loving fiftysomethings Porter and Ellie, who zip to Paris for dinner in their private jet with best pals Mona and Griffin (Hawn and Shandling) just to celebrate their 25th anniversary. The festive joy barely conceals the fact that Porter sleeps around behind Ellie's back and that Mona is about to catch Griffin doing the same. What follows is an allegedly hilarious romp with the rich and richer jetting back and forth across country (director Peter Chelsom has shot a vacation ad rather than a movie), presumably to rediscover why they ever married in the first place. Writer Buck Henry, responsible for some of Hollywood's wittiest comedies (The Graduate, To Die For), sadly slums with collaborator Michael Laughlin (Mesmerized) for this patchwork quilt of embarrassing, farcical nonsense. Stay away.

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