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God Made Man

By Andy Markowitz | Posted

An award-winner for Best Feature at the 2000 MicroCineFest underground-film festival, this lo-fi gloss on corporate/commercial/crap culture is strenuously outrageous (lots of gags about ass-fucking and drinking piss) but only sporadically funny or genuinely satirical. Bouncing among multiple story lines related to the soft underbelly of a megaconglomerate called Consolidated Industries, God Made Man occasionally recalls the Kids in the Hall (who also explored the subterranean strangeness pulsing through the corporate boardroom and the suburban living room) and the classic skit film Kentucky Fried Movie but lacks the former's subtle subversion or the latter's parodic highs. There are some inspired moments--a film-within-a-film interlude featuring a diaper-clad gangsta named "The Baby" is a howl, and writer/producer/director Crazy Pete (aka Peter Nelson) has a real way with swingin'-'70s kitsch and kinetic musical montages. (The soundtrack ranges from "A Fifth of Beethoven" and "How Much I Feel" to Parliament's "Flashlight" and Lords of Acid.) But the self-conscious offensiveness is more forced than funny, and too many of the satiric ideas land with a thud.

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