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Someone Like You

Someone Like You

Director:Tony Goldwyn
Cast:Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, Hugh Jackman
Genre:Film, Comedy

By Ian Grey | Posted

Director Tony Goldwyn's contempo-Manhattan idiot-girl-chases-men comedy bravely proves that cross-corporate synergy is possible. TV talk-show booker Jane (Ashley Judd), an upbeat team player and Dell computer user, is dumped by her co-worker Ray (Greg Kinnear), who for some reason turns to the pages of Allure magazine. Despite her pain, Jane is not closed-minded: Her best friend, Liz (Marisa Tomei), is a Mac user. Both turn to AOL for up-to-date information--despite the fact that AOL Time Warner is not aligned with Fox 2000 Pictures (the film's distributor), Dell, Apple, or Allure! (At least not yet.) Brilliantly, the film leaves philanderer/smoker Eddie (Hugh Jackman) and TV hostess/bitch Diane (Ellen Barkin) bereft of character-defining products--because they have negative traits, see? More brilliantly, Jane's theory that all men are analogous to various species of bovine is supported by her frequent ingestion of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Most brilliantly of all, the girl-loses-boy/girl-gets-boy plot is utterly incoherent and free of unnecessary laughs, so audience attention

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