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The Brothers

The Brothers

Director:Gary Hardwick
Cast:Morris Chestnut, D.L. Hughley, Bill Bellamy
Genre:Film, Comedy

By Jaimie Baron | Posted

Four African-American professional men nearing the big three-oh try to find the right woman for each of them, but all are afraid of commitment in one way or another. Jackson (Morris Chestnut) dreams every night of a woman in a wedding dress pointing a gun at him. Terry (Shemar Moore) thinks he's found the woman he wants to marry but then gets cold feet. Derrick (D.L. Hughley) laments that his wife won't give him oral sex. Brian (Bill Bellamy) just wants the brothers to stick together and play basketball. While it poses as a guy movie, The Brothers is just as much about the sisters, who chase after and put down the opposite sex with as much relish as the guys, but the film doesn't want to delve too deeply into the psychology of either sex. (It does pan interracial dating, especially between black men and white women, but all the African-American women in the movie are so light-skinned that the miscegenation jokes backfire.) Relying heavily on one-liners, The Brothers delivers plenty of laughs, but it remains superficial, a feel-good movie for marriage-shy twenty- and thirtysomethings.

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