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Too Much Sleep

Too Much Sleep

Director:David Maquiling
Cast:Marc Palmieri, Pasquale Gaeta
Genre:Film, Drama

By Jaimie Baron | Posted

With his debut feature, writer/director David Maquiling proves he can use a film camera, a sound-recording device, and an editing system. In fact, he can even make use of lighting fades to indicate time lapses. But he hasn't learned how to concoct a plot, write interesting dialogue, or direct actors, which creates lots of problems for Sleep. Jack (Marc Palmieri), a security guard who carries his unlicensed gun in a brown paper bag, gives away his bus seat when a pretty girl asks him to let an older woman sit down. He looks at the pretty girl, dozes a little, then suddenly she is gone and so is his bag. Jack enlists the help of a vulgar middle-aged Italian man named Eddie (Pasquale Gaeta), who tells him how to get his gun back. Eddie also tells racist jokes, relates penis stories, and says lots of bad words. In fact, he talks throughout the entire film, but nothing he says has any point. Nor do we care whether Jack gets his gun back or finds the girl, because Palmieri is dull and can't act. In fact, not one of the host of irrelevant characters is convincing. Clearly, Maquiling had to put his friends in the movie (I mean, they're his friends, right?), and apparently the jokes were really funny to them. I guess you had to be there. Anything is preferable to watching this movie.

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