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Exit Wounds

By Joe MacLeod | Posted

Big-shot producer Joel Silver puts a few more bucks on Hollywood beginner DMX (last seen in the forgettable moneymaker Romeo Must Die), this time paired with last-gasp action hero Steven Seagal, who apparently can't afford the upkeep on the ponytail these days. So whatcha got here is the black-tacular DMX and the fat-tacular Stevie S. kicking ass all over the place, and if you like seeing cops get shot, this is your picture, dog. But you fans of the constabulary shouldn't worry, because these are bad cops, see? The great Bill Duke glowers for a few frames and cashes a paycheck, and the policealicious Jill Hennessy from Law & Order (and look, she'll always be from Law & Order, OK?) is in a nifty special-effects bit in which you actually get to see her head crack a car windshield. Cool! It's the highlight of the picture, and it lasts for about two seconds. Maybe you should just stay home and listen to a DMX CD while watching Law & Order.

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