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By Jaimie Baron | Posted

Mother-daughter con artists Max (Sigourney Weaver) and Page (Jennifer Love Hewitt) target rich men for mom to seduce, marry, and divorce, invariably receiving a hefty settlement before moving on to their next victim. After scamming a chop-shop owner (Ray Liotta), the scheming pair move to Palm Beach, Fla., to catch fatter fish. Page is convinced she's ready to run her own con, but her mother still thinks she's a child and wants to protect her. While Max is busy playing a Russian beauty to hook the cigarette tycoon William Tensy (Gene Hackman), Page sets her sights on cute, earthy Jack (Jason Lee). She finds herself torn between falling in love and her desire to prove to her mom that she is tough enough to con Jack. Gags and unlucky coincidences keep the plot moving in this film directed by former Simpsons head writer David Mirkin, but the best part is watching Weaver and Love Hewitt work as a team, each in her own endless stream of stunning, boob-tray dresses. Max learns to let her daughter make her own mistakes and Page learns that not all men are scum, but the audience learns far more invaluable lessons, such as how to get a free meal at an expensive restaurant. Although engagements, weddings, and deaths serve too often as plot devices, there is more than a little bit of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in this fun, sassy flick.

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